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Legra Certified Rebuilds & Upgrades

Maybe your pits are getting deeper of perhaps it is time for your Legra pumps to have some care and attention.  Legra can offer a range of options for making the most of your Legra pumping power.  These options include:

Repower and Conversion to Booster 

If you having to dewater deeper pits or don’t want to use staging pumps it might be time to upgrade your HW6000 standard (or 9000) to a booster pump.

By repowering with a C15 Cat or QSX 15 Cummins engine and adding a booster pump you can double your pump head capabilities from 100 l/s @ 100m to up to 100 l/s @ 200 m in the right applications.  (up to 180 l/s @ 200m for a 9000 Booster upgrade)

Combine this with a full rebuild and you have virtually a brand new Booster Pump at a fraction of the cost of a new one

Full Rebuild to as New

If you have an older pump of any model that is fit for purpose but has done some hard work and feeling a little tired give it a makeover with a full rebuild to new.

With a new engine and /or  Hose assemblies upgraded electronics system, new wet-end, bolt on skids, roller plate assembly and an new paint job you can have an as new pump fully protected and ready to give you many more years of service again for mush less than the price of a new unit.

Partial Rebuilds

Just need some serious maintenance done without the frills, send it in to us and we can get it back fully operational in no time.

Free Onsite Appraisals for Rebuilds

Do you have a pump in need of some TLC.  Give us a call and we can come out and give you a comprehensive appraisal of what needs to be done and a detailed quote to go with it.

With newer technology, get your Legra Pumps back to functioning better than when they were new!!


All “Present as New Rebuilds” come complete with applicable warranties.