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Blasthole Pumps

Mining Engineers are paid to plan ahead, planning for blast patterns is done months before actual blasting takes place. Ground water and rain is a natural phenomenon. ONE SHOWER OF RAIN CAN DOUBLE BLASTING COSTS OVERNIGHT. Not with a Legra dewatering pump – the results of rain and groundwater are overcome.

Legra Blast Hole Dewatering Pumps are extremely reliable and efficient in operation. All Legra wet ends are of multi-stage stainless steel construction, giving high performance over the life of the wet end. A non return valve is also an important feature of Legra wet ends, as it prevents water from re-entering the hole through the pump on reclaim. As the wet end is not required to run dry, life of the pump is further enhanced. Screening is stainless steel wedge wire type, and is available as a bottom mount, or full length option for areas where excess cuttings and mud are encountered in the base of the hole.

A series of shaped rollers carry the hose through the 90 degrees direction change off the reel, preventing the hose from flattening and assisting water delivery. All hoses used on Legra Pump Units are non-flattening, and hold their form while coiled on the reel, allowing the pump to give full performance at any depth.

The hydraulic oil entry and return lines to the wet end are carried inside the hose, and enters the hub via a twin port rotating gland, with a pressure rating of 5000 PSi on both ports. Tapered roller bearings handle the hydraulic thrust, and the gland supports the reel hub. The opposite side of the hub is supported by a single port rotary gland through which the pump discharges. This gland is also sealed for long life.

Extension & swing functions operate on antifriction bearings, limiting wear and negating the need for excessive greasing.

Pressure lines on all units are double braid with crimp type JIC hose fittings. Hydraulic relief pressure is set at 170 bar (2500 PSi) and all functions operate safety within this pressure range.

All units are sandblasted and painted in two pack urethane or powder coat prior to assembly.

Legra Blasthole: Model 130SDLegra Engineering have introduced a range of Blasthole Dewatering Pumps that are self contained, and self propelled.

The big advantage is that these units are mounted on 3 x 8” pneumatic wheels, and hydraulically propelled, driving through the front wheel.  Direction controls, as well as steering, are easily operated from the tiller steering arm.  Travelling speed is a comfortable walking pace.

The hydraulic wheel motor will drive the unit over the roughest terrain and allow for accurate positioning of the wet end over the blast hole.  The unit has exceptional manoeuvrability, eliminating any damage to the Blasthole in tight patterns.  A tow hitch is fitted so that the unit can be hitched to a standard light vehicle, for transfer around the mine site.  Recommended maximum tow speed is 30 kph.  The unit will fit in most light vehicles, pick ups etc. should the pump need to be transported on a highway or public road.

The Self Drive range come standard with a 15HP (11.2kw) petrol motor driving a hydraulic pump.  This pump supplies hydraulic power to the water pump system, and the motion control motor, via manually operated control valves.  Pump entry/reclaim speed is 1m/s (3’/sec) via hydraulic motor and chain reduction.  A range of wet end sizes are available to give the size and performance to most applications.

 MODEL 130/75MODEL 130/90MODEL 130/130
Hose OD75mm (3”)75mm (3”)75mm (3”)
Pump OD75mm (3”)90mm (3½”)130mm (5½”)
Suits Blastholes from125mm (5”)150mm (6”)200mm (8”)
Pump Rate240L/m@20m
Max Operating Depth28m (92’)28m (92’)28m (92’)

The foregoing specification is correct at time of publication however, LEGRA reserve the right to amend the specification as required in keeping with market development.

Pump Performance250L/m@35m (65US.g/m@115’)300L/m@55m (80US.g/m@180’)
High Performance Option500L/m@35m (130US.g/m@115’)-
Max Pump Depth37m (120’)65m (215’)
Pump Diameter90mm (3½”)
130mm (High Performance Option)
130mm (5½”)
Hose Diameter65mm (2½”)65mm (2½”) ID
Hose TypeWire Reinforced PolyesterWire Reinforced Rubber
Entry/Reclaim Speed1-1.5m/sec. (3’-5’/sec)1.2m/sec. (3’-6’/sec)
Hydraulic Requirement30L/m (7.8US.g/m)@2500PSi50L/m (13US.g/m)
Hydraulic FunctionsLift/Lower, extension & pump
standard – swing optional
Lift/Lower, extension & pump
standard – swing optional
Dimensions – Main Frame1150mm (3’9”) x 750mm, (2’6”)
base x 1220mm (4’) high
1450mm (4’9”) x 850mm, (2’9”)
base x 1300mm (4’3”) high
Weight450kg (990lb)750kg (1650lb)
A 75mm OD Wet End with pump
performance of 200L/m is available

The foregoing specification is correct at time of publication however, LEGRA reserve the right to amend the specification as required in keeping with market development.

Pump Performance300L/m@55m (80 US.g/m@180°)600L/m@55m (160 US.g/m@180°)
Max Pump Depth85m (215’)85m (215’)
Pump Diameter130mm (5½”)130mm (5½”) 160mm Full Screen
Hose Diameter75mm (3”) OD90mm (3½”) OD
Hose TypePolyethylenePolyethylene
Entry/Reclaim Speed1-2m/sec (3’-6’/sec)1-2m/sec (3’-6’/sec)
Hydraulic Requirement50L/m (13US.g/m)50L/m (13US.g/m)
Hydraulic FunctionsLift/lower, extension, swing & pumpLift/lower, extension, swing & pump
Dimensions – Main Frame2380mm (7’10”) x 1080 (3’6½”) x 2130 (7’) high2800mm (9’2”) x 1100 (3’7”) x 2420 (7’11”) high
Weight1050 kg (2310lb)1180 kg (2600lb)

The foregoing specification is correct at time of publication however, LEGRA reserve the right to amend the specification as required in keeping with market development.