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Poly Reel Machine

Legra have developed a Poly Pipe Reeler for reclaiming, transporting, storing, and laying out Poly Pipe in a mine environment.

This unit is fully self-contained skid unit, and is ideal for positioning Poly Pipe over a Highwall, whilst keeping the operator safe from harm.

Ideal for servicing In-Pit Pumps, the water is discharged via a reel mounted drop pipe, negating the need for any excess pipe to be layered out on the ground, it stays coiled on the reel.

The Reeler works on the same principals as the Highwall Pumps in the way it coils and uncoils Poly Pipe, allowing this proven design to further enhance operators safety in the workplace.

Machines can be tailored to suit the customers requirements, in both pipe diameter and length.  As there is no suspended laod on the pipe during positioning and reclaim, pipe lengths made from pipe welded on site is able to be utilized.